Solutions with WooCommerce

Solutions with WooCommerce

Coming Soon: Solutions with WooCommerce for e-Commerce

Utilizing WordPress and WooCommerce I will prepare you to sell your products and services online, your way, in just a few days. With PayPal you can conduct transactions with customers for free!*

Using my solutions with WooCommerce your business can reach new audiences by having integration with many well established online storefronts like Facebook; with the added bonus of driving traffic directly to your website.

An add-on to a custom WordPress deployment; has a WooCommerce storefront integrated directly into the website. Their solution with WooCommerce powers the Carpets For Less Online Shop and appears prominently on the Carpets For Less Facebook business page.

After the set up of your solution with WooCommerce, account and storefront, I can integrate it with your business’ Facebook page, and set it up on any other supported internet storefront.

Send me an email now to secure your spot with a WooCommerce build and website integration for your business.

*After the initial build cost of the website and storefront (average estimate for one build $720CAD) and your monthly hosting expenses (average $8CAD per month) your Online Storefront can operate without any additional expenses. Compare this investment to a lease for a physical storefront or Etsy Shop and notice the incredible potential.