Forum or Message Board Deployment

Forum or Message Board Deployment

Are you looking for a place on the internet that your business or organization can grow, foster, and interact with a community? I can set you up with a Forum or Message Board Deployment, on your existing host or a new one. A deployment will consist of phpBB unless you require a different system.

The system used will be chosen specifically to fit your needs. The following services can be provided, as per your business needs, in the set up of of a Forum or Message Board:

  • A domain name of your choice*
  • Reliable and valuable hosting for your Forum or Message Board*
  • HTTPS compliant (SSL Certificates)**
  • Friendly and fast customer support
  • Sample forum/board images for sign-off before building
  • Sample of forum/board structure for sign-off before building
  • Fully responsive forum/board, optimized for 3 screen breakpoints (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • User Manual (digital pdf, physical print, or both) for day-to-day use and operation of the forum/board
  • Optional copy services (writing forum/board content [not posts]), photography services, logo & brand creation service

  • *Availability dependent on the hosting service I will help you choose based on your needs. Domain and hosting billing will be paid by you or your company. I can guide you through the process if required.
  • **Compliance reliant on the web hosting service you choose for your website or message board.

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