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Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre Alumni Website
LRATC Alumni Homepage page on tablet in portrait mode.
LRATC Alumni Homepage page on tablet in portrait mode.


The Alumni website for LRATC was created by a team of three, myself and two others, as our final project for the New Media Design program at LRATC.

LRATC wanted a way to connect with their alumni; invite former students back to speak, advise on initiatives at the school, volunteer, update on job opportunities in the alum’s field of study, and offer a newsletter.

I was in charge of the project’s technical, coding, and time management aspects. I also contributed heavily to the design used in the final product, and created a template with instructions to make the featured images for the alumni success stories area of the website.

One of my main duties was creating and testing the form on the Connect page, as well as it’s database. I also created a custom back-end to display and allow interactions with the data.

Specific Features of LRATC Alumni

  • Dynamic Call to Action (Let’s Make 500 Connections goal counter)
  • Custom Success Stories image template with guide
  • Extensive form for collecting relevant information
  • Custom back-end for interacting with records
  • HTML enabled email for Newsletters
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