Google My Business Setup & Orientation

These tools provided by Google are your business’ best way of visualizing and understanding how customers are searching for you online. I will get you and your business’ account for Google My Business setup and optimized. I’ll also link it with all of the necessary information about your business, such as:

  • Your business’ website
  • The physical address of your business (if applicable)
  • Contact information for your business
  • Hours of operation

The set up and maintenance of this account is pivotal to maintaining positive SEO for your brand or business.

Once set up I will provide you with a brief orientation on how to use the Google My Business tools to make sure you stay on top of the search ranking.

Additionally, I can photograph your business to post high quality images for visitors and customers to view on your Google search listing and Google Maps entry.

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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search engine optimization is the process of making sure you are providing the web content your customers need and want to see; regarding your brand or business. It also accounts for the delivery of that content, trustworthiness of content, and your reputation as a source.

    Bundled as an add-in service for my WordPress Solutions, Custom HTML5 Websites, or as a standalone service to improve your existing websites search ranking with engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others

    My goal is to get your business or brand ranking number one on Google, the largest search engine on the planet.

    One of the best ways to accomplish is this is by setting up and using the Google My Business tools, Google’s Webmaster tools, and Google Search Console. I will get you and your business started on all three services.

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      Get Setup on Social Media

      Need a hand to get setup on social media? Not sure where to start promoting your business or brand online? I can help you get started with giving your brand presence on these platforms (and more!):


      The largest social network in most parts of the world; Facebook is the best way to reach nearly any audience. I will set you up with a Facebook Business Page to get you started on the path to connecting with customers.

      Using Facebook’s tools for targeting and analysis is an invaluable asset for making sure your business is getting in front of the eyes of customers who are interested in you. Drive engagement and conversions with a Facebook Business Page today!

      If you require brand, logo, or content creation (photography or writing copy) for the Business Page I also offer those as an add-on service.


      The new star in digital marketing. Owned and operated by Facebook. Running a business account on Instagram requires an existing Facebook Business Page/Account or the creation of a new one. Setting up Instagram for your business can be bundled with the Facebook Business Page setup service. An Instagram account and campaigns associated with it can work independently or in tandem with a Facebook Business Account.

      Why You Want Your Business Present on Instagram

      Instagram is the fastest growing social network today with nearly 400 million daily active users. Not being on the platform could spell a potential loss of visibility for your brand and business, and thus a loss of customers and conversions.


      Depending on your audience and target markets Twitter can be an important marketing tool for your business. With 67 million monthly active users Twitter is a great place to keep your customers up to date with the latest news on your business, upcoming products or services, and anything else you can think of.

      Twitter is exceptional when it comes to sharing information, drumming up interest by word-of-mouth, and having a chance of a post going viral. I will set you up with a Twitter account optimized for your business.

      If you require brand, logo, or content creation (photography or writing copy) for your Twitter account I also offer those as an add-on to this service.

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        Branding and Logo Creation

        Is your business lacking recognition and awareness with customers? Maybe you need a new logo or refresh of your brand. Just starting out perhaps? I’ve helped many businesses and bands with their branding and logo creation; making memorable and recognizable marks.

        I can get the brand look that you, and more importantly, your customers will instantly identify with. To create a more impactful brand for you I will:

        • Research your target market, customers, and competition
        • Design a sample of logo(s) for you to decide on
        • Iterate the chosen design to maximize target market recognition and retention
        • Create rules for your brand image to follow:
          • Typefaces and fonts to use for you brand
          • Colours and swatches to identify with your brand
          • Guidelines for the use/creation of any logos or brand material
        • Brand/logo usage outline (single sheet or manual; depending on scope of branding)
        • Optional stationery or print media creation (posters, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.)
        steps2work Logo
        Logo created under contract for steps2work in Winnipeg.

        Visit the steps2work website to see more examples of the logo in use.

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